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    “If you have decided to buy a home, the best advice I can give you is get to know your Realtor before selecting who you are going to work with”, says Ericka Hardwick, Buyer Specialist on the LLR Team. Why? Because the most common stumbling block in purchasing real estate is the relationship and communication with the real estate broker. That is why Ericka Hardwick is recommended by her clients – communication and strong relationships. Ericka joined the LLR team in the fall of 2014. She brings to the team 20+ years of business communication experience (including training, development, and executive coaching). Ericka is trained in the art and science of effective listening, and has had the pleasure of facilitating many trainings teaching others these important skills. “Buying a new home has a lot of moving parts. You have to work with someone who listens to your needs and wants, communicates with you about the process of buying your home, and negotiates for your best interest.” This is why Ericka is a great Real Estate Broker. Not only is she an expert in these areas, she is also passionate about making buying a house a fun experience! Ericka grew up in Idaho, receiving her B.S. in Consumer Economics from the University of Idaho. She has lived in the greater Seattle area since the mid 1990’s. She is married with two sons. Ericka is adventurous, energetic, and fun, so it isn’t a surprise that she has had a dual career in fitness for the last twenty years. Ericka says, “It’s time to improve the home buying experience. I want every buyer to have fond memories of house hunting and purchasing their home!"

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